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The Materialist Views of Spiritual Settlers - Literature Essay Samples

Early America was settled and inhabited by a religious group known as Puritans who left their native land of Britain for a fresh start in a new country. A man named John Winthrop, a prominent Puritan and governor delivered a sermon that expressed the ideals of a perfect Christian community in a new country. His goal of a selfless, utopian community brings up two very different questions. Were these Puritans idealist spiritual people whose sole purpose was to please God? Or were they simply materialist proto-capitalists that sought wealth with the backing of their religious beliefs to support their cause? Winthrop’s sermon and other writings of Puritans of this time show that they placed an extreme importance on material wealth that was excused by their strict religious beliefs. It is very clear from the opening of Winthrop’s sermon that God determined those who were worthy of his love by determining who was rich and who was poor. Winthrop said that God, in his infinite wisdom, showed that â€Å"some must be rich, some poor, some high and eminent in power and dignity, others mean and in subjection† (Winthrop 147). This statement shows an important ideological belief of the Puritans: predetermination, the idea that God determines who is successful or powerful, and who is poor and of low social status. Winthrop states that because of their beliefs God can manifest Himself in their daily lives by moderating and restraining the people, â€Å"so that the rich and mighty should not eat up the poor, nor the poor and despised rise up against their superiors and shake off their yoke† (Winthrop 148). He clearly states that the poor are despised and inferior to those who have wealth and the subtle inclusion of the word â€Å"yoke† makes them seem like a servant or slave to those who are successful. Divine providence not only shapes how Puritans live their lives, through hard work and spirituality to prove they have God’s grace, but also how they view one another. Winthrop proves this by saying, â€Å"All men being thus (by divine providence) ranked into two sorts, rich and poor† (Winthrop 148). The justification of achieving the â€Å"superior† status of being rich is hidden beneath a multitude of Bible quotations and Utopian ideals that convince his followers that being wealthy and successful is God’s wish. By stating that the reason for wealth is to help one another when in need and not to expect a reward on this earth, he also goes on to say that he will still be rewarded but in heaven, â€Å"we know what advantage it will be to us in the day of account when many such witnesses shall stand forth for us to witness the improvement of our talent† (Winthrop 150). In other words, being wealthy gives the person the option to lend and be merciful, which, upon reaching heaven, those who received this generosity will see the lenders talent improve in the afterlife. While it may seem like Christian charity that drives them to lend and be generous, Winthrop clearly states that there is another reason, â€Å"thou art look at him not as an act of mercy, but by way of commerce† (Winthrop 151) and, â€Å"This love is always under reward†¦love and affection are reciprocal in a most equal and sweet kind of commerce† (Winthrop 155). Thus, lending is not a merciful act but a trade agreement. Anne Bradstreet was a Puritan female poet and very educated, which was rare for the time period. In her poems, the paradox between Puritan beliefs of spirituality and the desire for material wealth is shown. Much like Winthrop’s sermon, she exhibits the same values skillfully hidden under a barrage of spiritual jargon. In her poem, To Her Father with Some Verses, Bradstreet uses legal terms that can be seen anywhere today in capitalist America. By talking about the debt to her father for the life she has lived she says, â€Å"The principal might yield a greater sum†¦My stock’s so small I know not how to pay, /My bond remains in force unto this day† (Bradstreet 195). Principal, stock, bond; these words relate her debt to her father yet subtly gives the reader a sense of how she views things according to her beliefs. Bradstreet’s account of her house burning down provides the best example of the spirituality-materialist paradox. While she stands looking upon her burning house she states, â€Å"And to my God my heart did cry /To strengthen me in my distress /And not to leave me succorless† (Bradstreet 212), which implies that she is spiritually looking to God for assistance in this time of need. However, she then writes, â€Å"I blest His name that gave and took, /That laid my goods now in the dust.† (Bradstreet 212). She is not blessing Him in praise but instead cursing his name for destroying her goods. She is devastated that her material wealth was just devoured in fire. Being a poet, Bradstreet enjoyed a relatively laid back lifestyle. While the Puritans believed in good, old fashioned, hard work, she was able to lie back and enjoy tea and crumpets whilst jotting down poems. She states this in the following lines: And here and there the places spy Where oft I sat and long did lie: Here stood that trunk, and there that chest, There lay that store I counted best. My pleasant things in ashes lie, And them behold no more shall I. (Bradstreet 212) This excerpt shows just how much she values her earthly possessions, when just lines before she says that it was God’s to take anyway. This contradiction makes Bradstreet seem like her statements are being made sarcastically. This sarcasm can be seen in the closing lines also as she again speaks of her earthly goods being destroyed, â€Å"Farewell, my pelf, farewell my store. /The world no longer let me love, /My hope and treasure lies above.† (Bradstreet 212). While this statement is subjective and leaves the reader to judge on his or her own opinion, the evidence throughout the poem shows how much Bradstreet values her materials and is angry at God for His action. Winthrop and Bradstreet share commonalities in their prose: both are devout Puritans who believe in divine providence and both place extreme importance on material wealth while hiding their gains and pleasures behind their spirituality. While the paradox exists between spirituality in a corrupt material world and the desire for materialistic success in a new world, one can see that this paradox leans heavily in favor of the latter. Their belief system is apparent in both works and may even lead to their successes in their lives. The reader of these works can see similarities between the desires and ethics of the Puritans in modern capitalist society.

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Business Level Strategy For A Competitive Advantage Essay

Business level strategy A business level strategy involves searching for a competitive advantage. It also involves doing research on how it positions in the marketplace to gain competitive advantage and various positioning strategies used in the industry setting. Essentially, this approach involves the individuals the company decides to serve in line with their needs and desires. The business level strategy also entails how the company decides to satisfy the needs of the customers. According to Porter Michael, two competitive dimensions are the important keys to the business level strategy. The first dimension is the primary source of a company’s competitive advantage. The aspect involves whether a company is trying to gain an edge on the rivals by keeping the prices down or offering a unique item in the market. The dimension is the scope of the firm’s operations. This aspect entails whether the company tries to target the general customer or it aims at attracting only a segment of the consumers. There are various business level strategies, which emerge from the decisions including differentiation, value innovation, and cost leadership. It is in rare cases that a firm offers to lower the cost of its goods and services and maintain the quality as desired by the customers. It is evident that the companies practicing this strategy are following best price strategy. The competitive strategy of Nordstrom is differentiation through product, continuous improvement, superiorShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Michael Porter s Value Chain Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pagesan d four support activities that help the business to gain its competitive advantage. The primary activities are composed by â€Å"Inbound Logistics†, â€Å"Operations†, â€Å"Outbound Logistics†, â€Å"Marketing Sales† and â€Å"Service†, while the support activities are: â€Å"Firm Infrastructure†, â€Å"Human Resource Management†, â€Å"Technology Development† and â€Å"Procurement†. This theory was published for the first time in 1985 inside one of the Porter’s greatest work: â€Å"Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior PerformanceRead MoreStrategic Management Important Questions1648 Words   |  7 Pages1. Define Business Level Strategy integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions the firm uses to aim a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific product markets. indicates the choiced the firm has made about how it intends to compete in individual product markets is the core strategy - the strategy that the firm forms to describe how it intends to compete in the product market customers are the foundation of successful business level strategies and should neverRead MoreInternal Environmental Scan/950 Words   |  4 Pagesthe capstone strategic audit: Identified the organization for your report Interviewed key mid-level and senior level managers Created a market position analysis Conducted an external environmental scan in preparation of your final report and presentation Prepared a preliminary strategic audit In this module you will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the internal environment at your business unit or organization you are working with for this project, also known as an organizational assessmentRead MoreMgc1 Study Guide 21064 Words   |  5 Pagesbegins with a situation analysis of the external and internal forces affecting the organization.  Ã‚  This examination helps identify and diagnose issues and problems and may bring to the surface alternative goals and plans for the firm.  Ã‚  Next, the advantages and disadvantages of these goals and plans should be evaluated against one another.  Ã‚  Once a set of goals and a plan have been selected, implementation involves communicating the plan to employees, allocating resources, and making certain that otherRead MoreThe Case Of Federal Express Essay1483 Words   |  6 PagesExamining the Case of Federal Express One of the major segments of the wider postal and cargo industries is the small package express delivery sector or industry, which is an increasingly complex and competitive sector. The complexity and competitiveness of this industry requires the use of combating and strategic approach to enhance the profitability of the small package express delivery industry. The contemporary express delivery industry in America originated from Fred Smith’s vision for theRead MoreStrategic Management : Strategic Leadership1516 Words   |  7 Pagesdecisions on behalf of the firm (Ireland et al, 2005). A clear distinguishment needs to take made. Strategy is sets of actions that are needed to be performed in order for change to occur that will lead to competitive advantage. Implementation is the transformation of the strategy into practice. Finally strategic leadership is the individual(s) that will take the lead and spearhead the strategies and supervise it’s implementation until delivered. Most of the time the strategic leader of the firmRead MoreOperational Strategies That Management May Use to Respond to Influences on Operations 1168 Words   |  5 Pagesoperations process is one of the key business functions and is a crucial component to business success. Like every business, Qantas is affected by many internal and external influences requiring it to have effective strategies to respond to these influences. Businesses that are able to adopt and utilise effective operational strategies are able to quickly adapt and either reduce or take advantage of these influences that impact the business. The effectiveness of these strategies can measured by Qantas’ performanceRead Moreâ€Å"Critically Assess the View That Human Resource Management Practices Should Be Designed to Fit the Business Strategies and Objectives†Ã¢â‚¬Æ'1310 Words   |  6 Pagespractices should be designed to fit the business strategies and objectives†Ã¢â‚¬Æ' Dynamism is increasingly becoming a feature of the business environment, so what can businesses do to attain and sustain a competitive advantage? They need to set out clear goals and objectives and then ensure that all internal processes and activities are designed in a manner to attain these goals and objectives. Furthermore, some of these practices should be linked directly to their strategies. One such is Human resource managementRead MoreStrategic Management in Project Management722 Words   |  3 Pagesdefinite, final objectives representing specified values to be used in the satisfaction of some service or need. The reason why companies undertake projects is because they come up with strategic intent, achieve better results and increase its competitive advantage. Project Success In the past projects success was measured using the â€Å"triple constraint†, delivering the project on time, within budget and to specification. Contemporary management of projects has shifted to being measured strategicallyRead MoreHow And Who Makes Strategy At The Corporate Level1631 Words   |  7 PagesQuestions on Chapter 9 1. How and who makes strategy at the corporate level? How companies with multi business Model formulate their strategies and what they target in their strategies. Corporate level includes chief executive officer (CEO) board of directors, corporate staff whose responsibility to supervise the strategic development and to make sure that business strategies are followed correctly with maximizing profitability and sustain competitive advantage. Strategic managers decide in which businesses

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Summary Of The Wild Brittney - 875 Words

So There’s This Group People these days have so many differences in their pasts, present and what they have planned for the future. These people can be so different, but yet be such amazing friends regardless of the differences. This group of college students, all having very much different lives, were grouped together. The wild Brittney, the talented Andrew, and the friendly guy Ethan are the kids that make up this group. Brittney is a very wild and natural woman. She enjoys to hunt and fish in her free time. Deer and duck hunting is what she enjoys most, but on a good occasion she enjoys raccoon hunting. When it comes to fishing though, her favorite thing to fish for is catfish, and when she catches one she can’t wait to take it home. â€Å"There’s nothin’ I love more than fried catfish,† she exclaims. On a day she is bored of catfishing though she will go fly fishing just so she can get bored of that, and go right back to catfishing. In her life she has accomplished a lot, but one of the things she is very proud of is making all-state track field in discus and shotput. Both very hard sports to make it to all-state with, but she pulled it off at Lake Hamilton High School! Another thing she is proud of herself for is getting out of high school with a diploma. Brittney also was very intelligent student. She took both chemistry and biology in high school, so that when she got to college she wouldn’t be completely lost when taking those classes again. It’s useful especially for

Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation Free-Samples

Questions: 1.Discuss the legal issues arising from the article. Refer to relevant statute and/or case law in your answer. 2.Advise Tina and Aristotle whether William has breached the common law, the ASIC Act or the Corporations Act. Answers: 1.The sage Institute is a vocational training and education service provider. The group on consisted of eight entities. The primary services of the group included: Certificate accredited based on classroom and workplace I am diploma; Virtual learning and flexible online learning; Work placement and experience based industrial training; Providing employment to students after completing the qualification; The Nexus and ACI where's the largest business in the group. The other organizations were the supporting entities for ACI and nexus. These organizations helped the two companies by providing funding, employment, property, telecommunications, plant, and equipment leases. On analyzing the position of the company, it was found that the operation of the group was mainly funded by the ACI. It can be seen that ACI has accounted for 65% of the revenue during the financial year 2016[1]. On analyzing the operation of the company, it was found that the group relied on the receipt of VET Free Help advance from the Commonwealth so that ACI could remain solvent. It was seen that the VET installment that was due to be received in March but was delayed. This has caused a detoriation of the cash position of the group. The assets of the group mainly included intercompany and student debt. The net asset position and working capital of the company were highly reliant on the collectability of the debtor s. It can be said that group has been estimated remained insolvent since December 2016. The article highlighted that private college had shortage of fund however it spend one third of its taxpayers budget in advertising. The decision of the college to close down has left the student with shock. It was seen that the college has earned over $32 million in two years. The earning was made through VET Fees HELP scheme for loan while graduating the 45% of the student. In the case in administrative appeal, Tribunal the hearing was held against the companys decision to spend $6 million in advertising the innovative diploma officers using course for one year. The course have to be shut down as a deal with the national basketball League failed. Mr. Wills was used as the face for the partnership between the stage and Melbourne United basketball club. It was denied by says that any amount was paid to the Melbourne United[2]. However, Mr. Wills after getting the media report of the college also claimed to be victim of the institute. Mr. Wills argued that he had no financial interest and was not engaged in the running of the business. It was argued by the college that it has not received any federal government support since the late 2016 therefore had to face cash dry. The administrator of a college said that the decision of selling the college to another group was not going forward. The company did not received any bid proposal that allowed the group to continue the courses across the Australia. The administrator advised that the group has ceased is operation in Brisbane and Sydney. The student was told that they would be liable for paying the portion of course fees that has been completed. This payment has to be made by the student irrespective of the fact that the college has been closed. This has caused eyelash out against the operators because they promoted the course a something that does not exist in our college. The student was misled by the wrong marketing campaign of the college. The college marketed itself to be the best and biggest in the industry b ut does not have enough resources to run their operation. The training facility offered by the college had old equipments in office floor. The interactive classes has been suspended in Victoria and has been running in Sydney alone. The cooperation with Australian skills quality authority and the Australian Council for Private Health education and training is sought so that students can be enrolled in different courses. That means the students will be transferred to another provider for completing the course. This has been a bad time for the student so it is important that necessary legal actions are taken for addressing the grievances. As per the general view of the law, it can be said that the institute has violated many laws and the principle of natural justice[3]. The institute has committed fraud or breach of Trust by making wilful wrong advertising. The advertisement stated that Institute provides training that other institutes cannot provide. However, the institute did not ful fill this commitment, as they did not provide any modern facility a training program that was not provided by others. The institute failed to operate as a result of cash crunch. This means there was a failure on the part of the institute. However, institute demanded from the student the remaining fees of the part of the course that has already been provided. The demand of the fees by the institute is illegal as it was violated the contract of providing the complete certificate after the course[4]. Therefore, as per the Contract Act, the student should demand the institute did not honor compensation from the college as the contract between the student and the organization. 2.Issue The Tina and Aristotle Papadopoulos migrated to Australia from Greece. They sold the family fruits shop at a profit of $750000. They decided to invest this money and looked for help from a financial advisor. On advice of the advisor they invested in shares of a company with the aim of receiving double of investment within 18 months. The investment was made in big dreams Limited and it was performing poorly from the financial perspective. Therefore, it can be said that there was no bases for offering double return within 18 months. It was further offered by the financial advisor to take up insurance but they were not interested taking a new insurance. The financial advisor was mainly interested to sign new clients for receiving coffee gift cards. William prepared all the necessary paperwork for life insurance policy and provided no opportunity to the client for reading the document. It turned out that cost of insurance was high and the shares of value has fallen. In this case, the iss ue is to determine the nature of contract and determine liability of willful misrepresentation. Rules The rules that have been applied for determining the issues are given below: Bisset v Wilkinson [1927] AC 177 Solle v Butcher [1950] 1 KB 671 Google Inc v ACCC Application In the case of Basset v Wilkinson [1927], it was found that the plaintiff purchased two blocks of land. for the farming of sheep. At the time of negotiation, the defendant told that if the place is maintained properly then 200 sheep could be kept in the vicinity. The property was purchased by plaintiff on the believe that it can hold 200 sheeps. However, both the parties are well aware that the defendant has not carried out sheep farming on the land. The law provides that if the owner of the property makes any statement then it is a matter of fact. However, in this case the statements were expression of opinion and not a matter of fact[5]. In the case of Google Inc v ACCC the decision of the court is provided relating to the deceptive and misleading conduct. In this case, it was held that the Google was not misleading. Based on the above case laws, it can be said that the information provided by the advisor is a matter of fact and opinion. Therefore it can be said that the advice pro vided by financial advisor should be in accordance with law. In this case, wilful misrepresentation by the financial advisor was very high show the financial advisor will be liable to pay damages. Conclusion Based on the above discussion it can be concluded that the financial advisor should be liable for all the damages faced by the old couple. References Australian corporations securities legislation. in , 1st ed., North Ryde [N.S.W.], CCH Australia, 2016. Duns, J, A Duke, B Sweeney,Comparative competition law. in , 1st ed., Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd., 2015. Newcastle City Centre Renewal Transport Management and Accessibility Plan. in , 1st ed., Sydney, N.S.W., AECOM Australia, 2010. The Victorian rider handbook 2016. in , 1st ed., [Kew, Vic.], Roads Corp., Victoria, 2016. Then, now, tomorrow. in , 1st ed., [Southbank, Vic.?], Mobil Oil Australia, 2015. Based on the above discussion it can be concluded that the financial advisor should be liable for all the damages faced by the old couple. J Duns, A Duke B Sweeney,Comparative competition law, in , 1st ed., Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd., 2015. Newcastle City Centre Renewal Transport Management and Accessibility Plan, in , 1st ed., Sydney, N.S.W., AECOM Australia, 2010. The Victorian rider handbook 2016, in , 1st ed., [Kew, Vic.], Roads Corp., Victoria, 2016. Then, now, tomorrow, in , 1st ed., [Southbank, Vic.?], Mobil Oil Australia, 2015.

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Influence of Technology in Visual Art free essay sample

How does technology influence visual art? And how does photography influence the development of painting? This essay considers the impact of technology on the visual art and how this technology accelerated the development of the art and how people respond, adapt and incorporate modern technology into their own work. The impact of technology in visual arts has been in photography. Willian Melin stated that, â€Å"the dominant forces during the past century has been modern technology and has affected virtually every aspect of modern life social, political, economic and cultural† (Melin p. 3). Photography has influenced many painters and has admitted its impact on their work. Their art was greatly affected by this new medium. The effect of this technology was not only to alter the world of painting and the role of the painter but also to use it as a new method or tool to develop their work. Some Artists uses photographs as the basis of their painting or as a reference or guideli nes. We will write a custom essay sample on Influence of Technology in Visual Art or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page One of the photograph’s first benefits to the painter was its possible use as a sketch. The photograph could capture exactly a face, a pose, a scene and even actions of different motion. The earliest work by photographers Eadward Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey influenced among many painters such as Edgar Degas, Giacomo Balla and Marcel Duchamp. â€Å"When in the late 1870’s, Muybridge’s snapshots of the animal locomotion, specially the studies of horse’s different gaits, came to be known in France and the United States† (de Duve p. 114). Eadweard Muybridge was known for his early use of multiple cameras to study motion. Muybridges photographic motion study shows by separating motion into a series of stills. Each subject shows us series of motion as parts in the subject. These cameras capture the image, introducing a single moment from all possible movements of the subject in motion. Taken as a whole, he presents us with an idea of the motion; when projected rapidly on a screen in proper sequence creating rapid consecutive intervals of number of images following one after the other, the motion becomes clear. â€Å"With this demonstration at a meeting of the San Francisco Art Association on May 4, 1880, moving pictures were born† (Newhall p. 336). Muybridges motion studies are considered to be a vital step in the development of photography to motion pictures as we know them today.

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buy custom Health Promotion essay

buy custom Health Promotion essay The Government plans and policies can be vital in the reduction of ailments and chronic diseases. The development of Health Promotion programmes that are oriented to keep people well and preventing the diseases from occurring should be implemented. Primary prevention programmes (PPP). This strategy can be a milestone in helping the adults suffering from obesity and cancer. Records indicate that one out of every four adults suffers from obesity. This is a potential state of high blood pressure and heart diseases. The rates of the deaths caused by heart disease may be low but the later is a time bomb because of the high rates of obesity in the community. The government is involved in helping adults know the best health practices. Awareness of healthy living has been introduced. To achieve this health promotion is very vital. The programme emphasizes on patient education and counselling on food types to be consumed in order to improve nutrition and physical activity to blend with all efforts (Draper et al, 1980). If the programme is successful in its implementation, it will be a way to reduce on the premature deaths and also terminal illnesses will be cut out. The adults will be free from health problems thus a healthy generation. Heart problems require a big fortune to treat and this means saving greatly on health expenditure. This programme is a preparation to the stressors which arise as a result lack of good health. More government funding for community initiatives The Government has planned to fund for programs of health promotion and disease prevention which will be a buffer for the health of the community. This will be an extensive program aimed at keeping the citizens free from sickness and health problems. Flatbush can benefit from these programmes since many of its residents are working class people and youths. A programme that is fixed into a routine can help much in solving the residents health needs. State Authorities action plans The planning of the New York state authorities have in mind the probable dangers Flatbush may face for example fires, poor transport, poor housing, security and many more. These are potential cases that may lead to loss of life, injury and lack of a good health to the community are put into plan so that there maybe new infrastructure to accommodate improvements to the existing facilities. Problems such as overcrwding in housing units, lack of ambulatory services and other services oriented problems that are being faced by the hospitals in Flatbush are also put into the authoritys plan of improving the livelihood of the community. These plans are a buffer to the stressors since they are prepared to improve the conditions, and if they deteriorate before the action plan begins they can be quickly monitored and stopped (Hogg, 2001). Community Diagnosis On its part a lot of efforts have been seen by the department of health in collaboration with the private organizations. There are a lot of initiatives that have been started to try and help the residents of Flatbush to attain wellness and good health. There have been establishments by communities to try and overcome problems associated with health care access. The ideas vary, but they all are aimed at bringing together community partners who have come together and they have particular strategies to help improve health care access. The projects involve regular analysis and close monitoring of the cost benefits and showing where the communities will be able to benefit at low costs (Castanares, 2004). The problem of expensive insurance coverage is given a solution by the formation of local, nonprofit managed care plans. These are to cater for the low-income workers and uninsured residents of Flatbush. People living with chronic diseases and ailments are also considered in the low cost care plan. There are other future programs designed for the stability of the care plan. The plan brings the idea of collaboration to meet costs. The programme tries to bring together all the involved stakeholders and they try to contribute towards the cost for example the employers, employees, government and community volunteer donors all contribute to the programme (Castanares, 2004). The problem of access has been tackled by having the volunteers trying to help the patients access the medical care centers or a place where they can be served. They also help in the enrollment of the patients in public programs that educate about good health practices. The ones who have difficulty in reaching the health care centers for routine medical checkup are given transport support (Castanares, 2004). Community Interventions The residents of Flatbush need to cooperate to improve the deteriorating health conditions of the community. They need to form organizations that offer educationn on health matters such as physical fitness, nutritional health, behavioural health and other health conditions. They must be involved the community actions and ensure it is a collective duty. If the community can change their approach to issues related to health they may be able to enjoy healthy living. They need to identify risks to health and ensure they correct it immediately. Cases such as water pollution, waste disposal, lack of security and other community caused problems can be addressed by the people when they cooperate. This will reduce the possibilities of being affected as a community. With the health education programmes and therapy services for released criminals and substance abuse victims that are in Flatbush, residents can help each other to monitor the health of the community. It is also important for the community to pressure the Government to ensure that the community is well protected in their environment. A good Housing plan is vital for the well being of the community. A health care system that is all inclusive in terms of Medicaid cover. The system should also have a plan for low income earners. The community needs to have a way of ensuring the Government has a plan and it is implemented through checks and balances. They need to ensure crime is reduced and general welfare of the community is their concern. Substance abuse should be checked and victims taken to rehabilitation centres. Education programs should be inclusive in the school system. Youths should be given guidance about their adolescence stage and they should also be cautioned on irresponsible behaviour and negative behavioural health. The state correction system should be able to reform youths involved in crime and provide employment opportunities in cooperation with the private sector. These steps will improve the general well being of the community if implemented by the Government. The community needs to pressurize through pressure groups and media for their health needs to be taken care of. This community programmes have tried to improve the situation of the community of Flatbush. The challenges have partly been solved. There is still a very big problem in the communities that needs to be addressed and this needs collaboration of all stakeholders to ensure the health of the community is not compromised. The people of Flatbush need to also have a formidable cooperation in order to increase self help programmes and also push for Governments help. Good health cannot be compromised. Buy custom Health Promotion essay

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Nao Bell and Jar with Sculptural Rim Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nao Bell and Jar with Sculptural Rim - Essay Example is serves to indicate that the primitive art creators of the age had some measure of geometry and trigonometry incorporated, which is evident from the very geometric patterns on the rim. Additionally, the curves used to compile the base of the jar provide further evidence for the use of advanced geometrical techniques. The second piece, the Nao bell, provides another unique experience of Oriental craftsmanship. The colour of the Nao bell indicates that it was fashioned by water exposure over time since the existing colour belies the materials used to create the piece (Kimbell Art Museum). The Nao bell shows the detail that was assigned to art pieces, especially of a ritualistic nature, in ancient Chinese society. The scrolls on the sides of the Nao bell signify the intricacy that could be produced through castings from the period since it would require detailed mold making including provisions for precise cast making. In addition, the curves defining the rims of the Nao bell and the depression inside the bell are also testament to the virtuosos of the